Batavia Greenhouse Builders Ltd.


Batavia Greenhouse Builders Ltd. commenced operation in 1991. Based in Aldergrove, British Columbia, in the heart of the Fraser Valley, we have satisfied customers in Canada and the United States.

  P.O. Box 948
Aldergrove, BC
V4W 2V1
Tel/Fax: (604) 857-9498
E-mail: info[at]

We bring to the field a team with lifetimes of training and experience in greenhouse technology and agribusiness, with solid links to the Dutch indoor agriculture industry. With thirteen successful years and a broad customer base, Batavia is an established designer, manufacturer and installer of greenhouses. In the Fraser Valley greenhouse industry and beyond, the Batavia name carries a reputation for timely delivery, reliability and durability. Batavia Greenhouse Builders is recognized by the Government of British Columbia as an established supplier in the field.

While Batavia products are of reliable and proven design, the company is at the cutting edge of greenhouse technology. Every new delivery is state-of-the-art, incorporating the latest innovations in easy assembly, labour saving operation and computer climate control.

We custom design and put together the most appropriate solution, drawing on our experience and knowledge of the specifications and cost of the machinery available. Many of our projects have been installed on a turnkey basis where the customer simply had to move in the plants! Often we take responsibility of a part of the system, such as installing ventilation and misting systems, a new heating system, curtain system or growing benches.